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All parents of the Academy are members of the Parents’ Association, which is designed to develop a friendly relationships among parents, to acquaint them with the spirit of 
WHDC Christian Academy, to obtain their cooperation with its objectives for the development of their children, and to initiate the parents’ involvement in, and support for projects and functions which aid the Academy academically, socially, spiritually and financiall


Classroom Aides/Volunteers: 

Parents are encouraged to volunteer during the course of the year as classroom aides, lunchroom aides, or as chaperons on class trips. They are required to complete a volunteer application form.

Parent/Teacher Conferences


Parent/Teacher conferences are arranged at the request of the teacher or parent. Parents can call for an appointment. If a problem arises concerning a student in a classroom situation, the matter is first taken up with the teacher of that class before referring it to the principal or the pastor.

 In addition to the report cards, numerous other means of reporting to and involving parents/guardians in their child’s education are utilized. Three formal parent/teacher conference days are built into the school calendar. All parents are encouraged to visit with their child’s teachers on these days to receive their child’s report card, as well as, communicate with the teachers regarding their child’s progress at school. Other parent/teacher/principal conferences may be arranged during the year by phoning the administrator’s office or otherwise contacting the child’s teacher.

Emergency School Closings:


WHDC Christian Academy will follow the same decisions as the New York City Public Schools in case of inclement weather. Parents are not to call the school for this information. Listen to announcements made on the radio on WINS (1010 AM). If there is no announcement, parents/guardians should assume that the school is open. If conditions are hazardous, the decision you make in regards to your child will be respected.


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WHDC Christian Academy Parents' Association

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