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Tuition Payment


Welcome to WHDC Christian Academy! The following information will help to acquaint you with the standards which we strive to achieve with your help by the grace of God. To secure placement for your child/children, ALL FULLY COMPLETED FORMS, a copy of the student’s updated medical form, and the registration fee must be submitted on or before June 16th, 2023. September's tuition must be paid before the first day of school on the school's website, or via Zelle at


 Registration Fees: $62.00 per returning student  

 Monthly Tuition 

$600.00 - Pre-Kindergarten

$550.00 - Kindergarten to Eighth Grades


There will be a 20% discount for siblings.   All fees are (non-refundable with a wait list exception). 

After School: $100 weekly up until 4:30 p.m. payable at the beginning of each week.     

(There will be a $10 daily late charge for pick-up after 4:30 p.m.)                      

State Exam: $50 Annually: 3rd – 8th Grades

Mandatory Fun-Raising: Each family is required to raise at least $500 each year to assist the school in expanding its programs and providing needed resources.

Graduation: Graduating Students pay $100 to cover the overall cost of graduation.

Miscellaneous: Trips, books, uniform fees, and any other miscellaneous are not included in the tuition, and are dealt with by parents as needed. 

All payments made with Cards, Cash App, or PayPal will incur a 3% processing fee per transaction (that is for every hundred-dollar payment $3 would be added). Returned check fee is $35. 

Parents are encouraged to make payments using direct Check Pay through their banks, or Zelle to which is free of charge. This enables quick and convenient processing of all payments.

  • All accounts must be up-to-date for report cards to be issued. 

  •  Parents who have outstanding balances must come into the school’s office to discuss payment arrangements, and sign an agreement, to ensure the continuity of their child/children’s attendance in the school.

Please consult WHDC Christian Academy’s Handbook for more details on the school’s policies and procedures. 

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