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Our school commenced on September 09, 2009. We started by faith with nine students and five staff members. Today we have over forty students enrolled and nine staff members.


We have been preparing breakfast and lunch  for our students on a daily basis, which has led to a marked change in punctuality, and renewed energy  among  students. Students are taught healthy eating habits and are encouraged to take a an active role in meal planning and preparation at home. 

WHDC has met with various challenges, in our short history. The most traumatic being "Super Storm Sandy" which hit on October 29, 2012. This created significant disruption in the lives of many of our families, and as a result, some of the families from the school population were displaced. Some relocated to other communities and even to other states.

Thank God for the support, outpouring of love, and the camaraderie of friends, families, and neighbors. This played a vital role in sustaining our community in the days, and weeks immediately following the storm. However, we are still in a period of recovery, and our children being among the most vulnerable are still feeling the effects. The resilience of the academy students shone forth as they moved on to complete the school year with a grand graduation and award ceremony on June 25, 2013. Our students volunteer eagerly to serve the community in the weekly Food Pantry, which was started as a result of "Sandy".

My heart is filled with gratitude to God for bringing us to the end of another school year 2017-2018. We have learned many valuable lessons and gained memorable experiences. Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger (BSCAH) adopted our school, opening the door for our students to make several field trips to their farm in the Rockaways. The students participated in sowing seeds and reaping produce, and even got the chance to distribute these produce to the community.  The students were excited about collecting eggs from the hens on the farm.

Our School Fair and Sports Day are always fun and exciting events, which our students look forward to each year. Once again, with the remarkable performance of our students, the Easter show, under the choreography of one of our parents, proved to be a tremendous success.

Our spirits continue to soar, and our motivation elevated as we move forward in this new school year. With the school, family members, and community working together, our students have a very bright and promising future. Together we can face any obstacle, defeat every odds, and reach for the stars. We strive for, and are committed to bringing our children up to a "Standard of Excellence".



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