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 New Student Registration Form

Welcome to WHDC Christian Academy! The following information will help to acquaint you with the standards which we strive to achieve with your help by the grace of God. To secure placement for your child/children, ALL FULLY COMPLETED FORMS, a copy of student’s birth certificate must be submitted on or before June 16th, 2023, along with registration fee and medical form.


 Registration Fees: $103.00 per new student    

 Monthly Tuition 

$600.00 - Pre-Kindergarten

$500.00 - Kindergarten to Eighth Grades

There will be a 20% discount for siblings. All fees are (non-refundable with wait list exception). 

Waitlist Exception: If no seats are available upon receipt of registration, registration fee guarantees a spot on a waiting list in the order completed form/fee is received. If no seats become available by August the registration fee can be refunded upon written request before August 15, 2023.

Student Information When completing the following, please include any allergies, physical handicaps, evidence of speech/hearing/ vision difficulties, or other conditions that might affect your child(ren)’s school work, including physical education. Also, please list all prescription medication your child/children are currently taking.

Photo / Video Permissions

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. From time to time photographs/videos may be used in the yearbook, newsletters, students’ newspapers, class projects, advertising, schools website, and various social media platforms, to highlight student accomplishments. Photographs/videos may also be used in promotional materials for the purpose of creating awareness of the school and its mission.  By signing on the dotted line below, you are granting permission to use articles, materials, photo(s)/ video with your child/children for such purposes. 

Permissions for sharing medical information

In the event of an injury needing medical attention, I hereby grant permission to share any information listed within this enrollment form with the supervising teacher(s) or staff (including any volunteers that may come in contact with my child) in order to attend to my child during school hours, before/after care hours, and or any field trip or activity to which they are in the care of WHDC Christian Academy supervision. I understand that every effort will be made to contact me. However, if the injury warrants emergency medical attention, and I am unreachable, I grant permission for necessary medical treatment to be given, including permission to transport my child/children to the nearest medical facility.

Choose a time

After School will be needed: Approximately days (M-F) and pick-up time:

Choose a time

As the primary educators of children, parents need to be committed to be effective co-laborers with the school’s faculty. This is demonstrated by parents who:

  • Participate in school activities and events (i.e. conferences, programs, work days, etc.)

  • Communicate effectively with teachers

  • Abide by school rules and policies

  • Actively instruct and discipline their children

For students to continue their enrollment at WHDC Christian Academy they must exhibit diligence in their academic work. It is our goal to aid all our students in every way possible to excel and reach their full potential of elementary and middle school education. Responsibility lays with each student and his/her family to work with the staff and faculty to make this happen. In the interest of all students, if a student demonstrates continued behavior that is inconsistent with the philosophy and purpose of WHDC Christian Academy, that students’ enrollment will be in jeopardy of termination.

Parental Commitment and Signature

I have read and understand the above information regarding WHDC Christian Academy registration policies and the following tuition costs. As much as possible, I will attend parental functions, volunteer my time and support WHDC Christian Academy in order to help the children excel and fulfill their calling. If a difficult situation arises between the school and home communities, I will endeavor to seek to resolve the issue with the appropriate level of administration to bring about reconciliation.

World Harvest Deliverance Center Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origins in the administration of its admission policies, educational policies, and school-related programs.

One form per K-8th Grade Students (All students transferring from any public or private school must complete this form).



The above- named student has recently been enrolled in WHDC Christian Academy. I hereby authorize an exchange of information between Administrative and School Health Services Personnel of WHDC Christian Academy and:


That is contained in my Child’s school and health record, including Original Health Record.

This authorization is in effect for one calendar year form today:

Important note: The registration will be completed once the payment is collected. Click the "Register" button to proceed to the payment.

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