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Student Incentive Program



  Conduct Enhancement


In addition to the day long orientation for all staff, faculty and students at the beginning of each school year, and the day before each trimester for new students, the school sponsors etiquette seminars and coaching to communicate Academy behavior requirements.  Each month a student is awarded a Student of the Month awards for consistently outstanding behavior.  There is also a special award given to the Student of the Year at the annual Graduation and Awards ceremony.




Student of the Month Award


Stars are awarded to students for achievements in various categories. Each student is given ample opportunity to work towards obtaining the award.  The categories are as follows:

  1. Attendance             

  2. Class Work  - must be completed and done properly

  3. Homework  - must be completed, signed and turned in on time

  4. Full Uniform Attire & Well Groomed  - must have tie, blue socks or tights for girls, white Peter Pan blouse for girls, emblems on jumpers,  boys white dress shirt & blue pants, black, blue, or white hair holders, clips, or bubbles. No beads, no jewelry. Proper WHDC gym uniform includes white sneakers and white socks and WHDC sweatpants and shirt.

  5. Scripture of the Week

  6. Quote of the Week  - must know the quote of the week

  7. Bible - Bring a bible to school and devotion

  8. Good Behavior

  9. Punctuality - must arrive before devotion bell at 8:05 am

  10. Spelling - 100% on weekly spelling test

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