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Clubs & Special Events


Clubs: Our students will be encouraged to organize and actively participating clubs designed to generate interest in extracurricular activities, as well as community service. They are welcome to join the World Harvest Deliverance Christian Strikers (a Soccer Club being formed by the WHDC Youth Ministry.)


 ·Students will be encouraged to participate in An Annual Spelling Bee Contest to develop their interest in, and usage of words.
· An Annual Sport’s Day is held in which the four Houses; Allen, Bowman, Lewis, and Rankine, compete against each other in various sporting events.


Honor Society: The Honor Society recognizes students for outstanding achievements and contribution to the school and community on a whole. Students will be placed on an Honor Roll for outstanding academic performance each semester. An Administrator’s Award will be given to one student each year from the honor society.

Student Council: The Student body consists of a president, a vice-president, secretary and a treasurer. This Student Council is designed to allow participation from students in day-to-day school activities and to develop their leadership abilities.

Soccer Club

Annual Sports Day

Bowman House 

Rankine House

Lewis House

Allen House

Annual Spelling Bee

Student Achievement Award

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Administrator Award

Student Council 

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