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Dress Code
We encourage students to take pride in their appearance. Proper attire reflects the quality of the school, conduct and school work. Uniform policies must be strictly adhered. All students are to be in full uniform each day. Uniforms should be kept neat and clean.

- No braids, hair extensions/ weaves or beads
- Clips should be white, black or blue
- Plaids # 172 jumper of proper length - to the knee
- Short/ long sleeved white "Peter Pan" collar blouse
- Black-laced shoes with a low heel or loafer (1" heel)
- Navy blue socks or tights


- Boys are not allowed to braid their hair or wear their hair in an untidy fashion
- Navy twill/ pull-on pants
- White long/short sleeved shirt, which must be worn tucked into pants (Oversized/ tight shirts are not acceptable)
- Plaid Tie #172
- Navy-blue socks and plain black shoe (no sneakers or boots)


GYM UNIFORM – Mandatory

- WHDC Christian Academy navy sweatpants /mesh gym shorts
- WHDC Christian Academy navy sweatshirt /gym T-shirts
- Plain white sneakers
- Plain white socks – worn only on gym days

Special Occasions/ Dress-Up



Dress pants and button-front shirts or sweaters for boys; dresses for girls; dress shoes mandatory for all. 

Girls: Hair must be neatly combed and styled. 
          No braids or hair extensions. 

Boys: Hair must be neatly trimmed.


Any student not dressed in their required uniform, will be returned home upon arrival at school.






Clothes items and accessories that are NOT allowed:

  •  Jewelry                               

  • Oversized/tight pants

  • Short skirts

  • Clothing with writing

  • Sandals

  • “Do-rags”, scarves, sweatbands

  • “Healies & Wheelies”

  • Skull and baseball caps/ hoods

  • Any heat gear worn in the school

  • Make-up

  • Electronic games

  • Cell phones, beepers, laser pointers, walkie-talkies

  • All electronics including iPods, mp3 players, DVD/CD players  

  • Chewing gum/candy

  • Hair beads

  • Hair extensions

NOT allowed

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