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Students' Rights and Responsibilities


Students have a right to establish and participate in student government. They have a right to have a voice in school affairs through the student body organization. Students must reach academic eligibility and meet any criteria set forth in the school’s policies and procedures in order to run for or hold office in student government. Students must maintain a minimum average of 3.0.


The school staff members will support a student’s right to participate in student government. The administrator will ensure that the student government has a voice in school matters.

Students have a responsibility to treat each other and school staff members respectfully and to help create and maintain a safe healthy learning environment that promotes mutual respect.

As a Christian school, participation in religious activities is a requirement. Students are also expected to participate in patriotic exercises.


A record of all students is kept in the school’s office. Each student’s record has a cumulative folder that has basic information. A student, along with his/her parents/guardians, has a right to see a Cumulative Students’ Record during a scheduled meeting with school personnel.

Students have a right to meet with school administration to clarify any misunderstandings and provide a forum for exchange of information on the topic that is the subject of the meeting.


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